Script used for support purposes to collect info about the system and send it to TUXEDO Computers.
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TUXEDO Systeminfos

Script from TUXEDO Computers to get necessary information of the system for technical support purposes.
For more information see here.

Note: We do not collect any personal data and no credentials! We only collect information about your hard- and software configuration.


The script uses some distribution specific commands. distribution specific commands are used for the following distributions:

  • Ubuntu
  • openSUSE Leap
  • elementary OS
  • KDE neon
  • Manjaro
  • Fedora

You will only receive official support for TUXEDO OS, Ubuntu and openSUSE from TUXEDO Computers

Before you running the script

  • Check if you got a ticketnumber. If you don't have a ticket number: contact us by e-mail to tux[at]
  • Submitted system information without valid ticket number can't be processed

What does the script do before collecting?

  • Checks if there is an internet connection
  • Installs needed extra packages for the listed distributions above

What exactly does the script collect?

  • Kernel version
  • USB devices
  • PCI devices
  • Partitioning
  • Network configuration
  • Installed drivers/firmware
  • Loaded drivers/firmware/modules
  • Blocked wireless devices
  • Grub bootloader configuration
  • Logfile of the boot process
  • System messages (dmesg)
  • Mainboard functions
  • System log file
  • Audio devices
  • Tomte configuration

What does the script do after collecting?

  • Sends the collected system information to TUXEDO
  • Removes temporary files

Run in debug mode

Note: The debug mode is only for internal testing purposes

  • sudo --preserve-env=HOME /usr/bin/env
  • sudo SYSINFOS_DEBUG=1 sh